Welcome to the Total Communication Blog

Total Communication is an approach used throughout school to help children learning disabilities communicate using any mode of communication such as symbols, signing (e.g. Signalong), photographs as well as the spoken and written word, gesture and objects of reference.

Our Total Communication Media team aim to produce a series of short multimedia films based on stories, songs, rhymes and everyday situations. Each project will feature children from across school and be based on content created by the children such as artwork, animation, drama and role play, narration, dance, music and green screen filming.

We are proud to present our first production. It is based on the story “Please Don’t Chat to the Bus Driver” by Shen Roddie and Jill Newton.
We’ve included a ‘making of’ sequence during the credits to share all the learning and fun that went into creating the video.
We hope you enjoy it! We’d love it if you could leave a comment and let us know what you think.